Board of Directors

Control and follow-up of board of directors agreements, aims to contribute to the proper control, monitoring and management of the agreements of the board of directors of your company, through improvement and viability, through a simple and adequate workflow to the reality of your company.


Operational meetings in your company. Through Draco you can document and follow up on your meetings, document and notify the agreements, as well as generate activities of these agreements, assigning them and following up on them.


Take control of the operational activities of your company, improve compliance and assignment of the mimas; Keep a record of the activities and those involved informed.


Crux Consultores is a team committed to generating quality services related to information technologies, applying the best practices of the market, and according to the needs of our clients; That's why we put at your disposal the tool to take control of the decisions in your company, has three modules, where the first is oriented to take control and follow-up meetings of the Board, the second of the objectives is to follow up To the Operative meetings of your company, and finally a module for the monitoring and control of the activities that are in the key so that your company can successfully achieve the defined objectives.